What to Wear - Northern Virginia and DC Motherhood Photographer

Style Guide

{Maternity, Newborn, Family}

Do you have an upcoming family photography session and need help choosing outfits? I know, it can be very stressful! (I have five kids....imagine the pain I go through.)

I send all of my clients a link to my Pinterest, where I have a board specifically for clothing and color suggestions. I also have a list of stores that I LOVE and send that, as well. I will list those at the bottom for you.

Let's get started...

1. Coordinate

Do NOT. I repeat, DO NOT match clothing. It just isn't flattering. Instead, coordinate colors. Again, my Pinterest is a great resource for this. My Client Board has tons of color palette options for everyone.

2. Choose your outfit first!

Start with your outfit and go from there. Find something you LOVE. I don't know about you, but I have the most difficult time choosing my own outfit. A postpartum body is new to us and not everything fits like it used to. When I was pregnant, I just felt huge and uncomfortable. Once you find an outfit you're comfortable in, move on to everyone else.

3. Texture

Add some texture to show your personality. Choice of fabric is one way to do this, but you can also achieve this with patterns.  


4. Shoes

Let me start this off with saying I LOVE BARE FEET. Like LOOOOOVE 'em. That is usually my first choice, but I understand it doesn't work for everything. If you do decide to go with shoes or sandals, choose wisely. They are much more noticeable than you think. Stay away from tennis shoes and flip flops. 

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5. Natural Hair

My sessions are natural, so your hair should be, too. I would avoid gel and anything else that can make your hair look unnatural. Loose curls are always fun or maybe a small barrette for your little. 


Logos/writing and that fancy dress you wore to your friend's wedding last week. Be natural. Have your clothes show your personality. Don't stray too far from what you always wear.


Anthropologie, Free People, Pink and Brown Boutique (Old Town, Alexandria), Old Navy, Forever 21, Papaya, and everyone's favorite, Target.

Remember, I am always here to help. I am more than happy to come to your house before your session to look through your closet with you or you can even text me pictures with what you have in mind.