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My Why

I've decided to write a personal post this time. This is "my why".

Have you ever felt an emotional connection to a photograph? Sure. Who hasn't? After all, we take photographs to remember certain times. Have you ever compared the connection you feel between a print and a digital version of that same image? If not, you certainly should. Trust me. Last night I was looking at a picture of my mom on my phone and I realized that something was missing. 

In 2005, my mom passed away. My youngest was a little over one year and I was pregnant with my second daughter. Nothing in the world can prepare you for this. It was during this time that I remember thinking how important photos are. I wanted every photo of her that existed. Granted, she was the photographer most of the time, but she made sure to be in the photos, as well.

Now this is one way in which digital files and prints differ. I feel an emotional connection when I physically hold a photo of my mom. It's tangible. It feels intimate. Holding a print takes me back to that moment more-so than looking at one on a screen. (Not to mention the fact that most people think the digital photos will last forever and that is far from the truth.)

It is this reason specifically, that I have decided to show printed proofs at the reveal/ordering session and not just a slideshow. I want you to feel the images and experience that connection. This is so much more than pushing a button on the camera and giving you access to an online gallery. 

Another reason I prefer printing for my clients over digitals is because most clients actually don't ever do anything with those images. Can you believe that!? They have paid for a session, love their gallery, and it just sits there on a hard drive. To me, that isn't a finished product. Those family photos should be on a wall or in an album. Nobody will ever get to enjoy them when they are just sitting on your computer. 

circa 1983

circa 1983