Bath and Breastfeeding Session - Hampton Roads | Virginia Beach Newborn and Motherhood Photographer

Virginia Beach Motherhood Photographer

I met Mikhala at her Virginia Beach home for a bath and breastfeeding session. Bathing with her son is something they often to do together, so documenting it was important to her.

When I arrived, Mikhala and her husband instantly made me feel at home. I could feel the love and peace from the moment I entered their home. As they prepared the bath, I peeped in the nursery and just knew we HAD to do photos in their, as well. One of the walls was decorated with numerous framed quotes and in the middle was the rainbow….for their rainbow baby.

We talked a lot about her home birth experience and her wishes to do it again. There was also tons of cuddling, reading, and breastfeeding. :-) I absolutely loved my time with their family.