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Is birth photography for you?


I am very passionate about birth photography and the story it tells. I know not everyone understands it or maybe your significant other is unsure about having someone else in the room. I asked several of my clients about their thoughts or concerns regarding birth photography and they were gracious enough to help me write a blog post to help others.


Did you have any hesitation or concern in regards to hiring a birth photographer?

"I was worried that I would be too focused on labor to make sure the photographer got the right shots. After corresponding with Lee via email for months and meeting in person, I knew she was the right person for the job."

"I did not have any real or major hesitation with hiring a birth photographer as I wanted someone outside of friends and family who could capture the day fully without emotional distraction to the birth itself."

If you had hesitation about hiring a birth photographer, were those put at ease?

"Lee asked a lot of questions and checked in with me regularly. I reached out to her as soon as I made it past the 1st trimester and checked out some of her work.Lee is also a mom and after we talked, I could tell she understood how important the birth photos were to me."

When looking back at your birth images, what emotions and thoughts do you have?

"I'm completely overcome with tears. I'm talking snot and sobs! I feel so strong and powerful. I'm always amazed at the little things Lee captured. Like my exhausted doula, napping right by my side between contractions; my husband drying tears after the baby came; and my facial expression when the baby crowned; AND the crowning shot! Like, how did she do that!? I will always be grateful to Lee for putting so much thought in to our photos."

How did you feel about having a photographer in the room during such an intimate occasion?

"Listen, by the time you get to labor and delivery, any modesty you once had is completely gone. Lee was part of the team!"

Is there anything you regret about hiring a birth photographer?

"Not one thing!"

"Absolutely no regrets. Bummed she wasn’t allowed in the surgery room but obviously that couldn’t have been predicted prior and the pictures leading up to and right after the birth were also amazing!"

If you were to have more children, would you hire a birth photographer again?


Any advice for those considering hiring a birth photographer? Anything you would like to add?

"Take a look at other birth photos. There are tons online. Some are cute and sweet photos of mom and the birth team, and squishy newborn joy. There are also the kind that show real birth. The blood, sweat, and tears...the kind I prefer.  Just hire Lee! She'll learn what you want or help you figure it out. And your photos will be amazing!"

"It’s absolutely worth trying at least once and if funds are unlimited it’s worth repeating! You don’t get this moment again and it’s worth it to be able to not worry about capturing the moments and just enjoying friends and family knowing you’ll have all the pictures you want and more."


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