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Journey to Marley

GW Hospital

This mama is a rockstar! She is fearless! With a not-so-pleasant pregnancy, she told me she's birthing this little girl all natural. I remember sitting with her in Panera and her saying "get everything! I want all the shots." She proceeded to tell me that this will be their only child and to document every moment. (Though, I'm secretly hoping they have one more because they are the sweetest people in the world and she's amazing at birthing babies.)

Nicole walked the halls, did lunges, used the tub, and the shower. After 51 hours of natural labor and ruptured membranes, Marley was born with the help of GW Midwives and Briana of Mamatoto Village

I visited the new family of three in their home a few weeks later to deliver their images and a little gift. As they watched the slideshow I created, Nicole began to cry and said "these are my Birth Without Fear photos!!!" She told me she couldn't remember much after I arrived at the hospital and that she's so thankful for the photos because the images are exactly what she remembers feeling.