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Natural Childbirth Classes with BB Birth Services

The Bradley Method - Burke, VA

As you know, I partner with Bridget Ballenger of BB Birth Services. She is a birth doula located in Fairfax, VA. In addition to being a doula, she also offers placenta encapsulation services and natural childbirth classes. Her childbirth classes are a 12 week long course, which follow the Bradley Method. 

I was lucky enough to sit in on a reunion class she held. Students from Bridget's previous class come visit with her current students and tell their birth stories. It was empowering to hear them talk about how much they got out of the childbirth class and how they referred back to it when they were in labor. The husband's seemed to benefit from the class, as well. Every pregnancy is different, so even if you end up not having a natural childbirth, you can definitely still benefit from the tools Bridget teaches you. I did not know that you can also opt out of certain procedures at the hospital!

Bridget's current session runs through the first week of April and her next class begins April 19. She holds 4 sessions per year and they are located in the Oaks Community Center in Burke, VA. You can find her pricing and packages here.