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Lifestyle Photography

What is it?

Lifestyle photography captures real moments in an artistic way. It is in between classic portraiture (posed portraits) and documentary style photography. The approach is natural and it is a wonderful way to capture emotion and freeze that moment in time.

Why choose lifestyle photography?

It is real! You don't have to hold yourself in a stiff, awkward pose. The photographer isn't telling everyone to look at the camera and "say cheese". The smiles and laughs captured are authentic. When you look back at the photographs, you'll remember that exact moment and feeling. 

A session with me...

In our pre-session consultation, we'll discuss hobbies you and your family share. For my family, that would be baking. :-)  Maybe for your family it is something different. Board games? A Nerf gun war? Crafts? I want to get to know you and your family. We will also go over my pricing in detail and schedule your session.

After your session we will meet again for your gallery reveal and ordering session. We will talk more about the products I offer and go over pricing again. I encourage you to invite anyone that might be interested in purchasing products or images.