Revisiting old memories - Northern Virginia Birth Photographer - Fairfax VA Newborn Photographer

I don't often post about my own children because I'm busy posting sessions, but since I have a moment, I thought I'd share some. 

One of my favorite things to do is being able to go back and look at all the pictures I've taken over the years. Thousands upon thousands of photographs, leaving those memories for years to come. 

These were taken about one year ago. It's amazing (and scary) how quickly they grow in just one year. They look so much younger to me. I love seeing how they blossom and become the person they are meant to be. 

One thing I wish I had done, was have birth and newborn pictures to look back at. Yes, we have the occasional hospital photo that is of just me or just the baby. MAYBE, if I'm lucky, I'll find one of me holding our new addition. I wish I had photos that captured those moments in the hospital leading up to the birth of our baby. I wish I could look at those photos and remember that exact moment and the very feeling I experienced at that moment.

That is one reason I love doing what I do. I love savoring these moments for families. I love that they can look back at them and nobody is missing from the picture. They are reminded of that very special day. Forever.