Why should you hire a professional photographer? - Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Have you ever asked yourself "why should I hire a professional photographer"?

It's a fairly common question. Whether money is tight or you want to try capturing these moments yourself. People have different reasons for asking this question. I'm going to give you my TOP FIVE reasons to hire a professional photographer.

1. YOU GET TO BE IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS! This is important! If you're the one taking the photos, chances are you won't be in many, if any at all. These are special moments in your life that you should be part of! After all, when you share these photographs with generations to come, won't your family want to see you, too? The answer is....OF COURSE!

2. Education. Professional photographers are highly educated in their field. They know the ins and outs. They have studied photography! They know the best lighting, location, angle, pose, etc. 

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3. Equipment. The pro's have all the goods! They have a professional camera and several lenses to choose from. Each lens can capture different types of images, depending on what you're looking for. Lighting equipment might be needed whether the session is indoors or outside. Professional photographers have all the bells and whistles!

4. Editing. Professional photographers take the time with editing your photographs, so they are just right. They can get rid of an unwanted blemish or or even make your skin glow. Dark circles under your eyes? We all know how common that can be with new moms. Professional editing can help with all sorts of issues! 

5. Investment. We all value things more when we invest in them. We appreciate them more. I know I do! 

L. Pettigrew Photography www.leepettigrew.com

These are just some of the reasons to hire a professional photographer. My advice is to call several and see which one you fit best with. Ask questions! You're investing in your special moments and trusting someone to preserve these memories for you for years to come!

L. Pettigrew Photography www.leepettigrew.com