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Fairfax VA Fresh 48 Session

"Meeting Madison"

Let me tell you feels INCREDIBLE to meet and photograph the baby of a maternity session you did! I felt honored that Christina and Greg asked me to do a Fresh 48 for them! I met sweet Madison at Fairfax Hospital when she was just 26 hours old. I could instantly see that she amazed them and had their hearts. They are truly in awe of her. 

Fairfax Hospital is incredible now. The Women's Hospital looks like a hotel! Christina's room had a huge window and while I was there, the sun was setting. 

Madison aced one last blood test while I was there and she is a champion nurser! Christina looked amazing on only a few hours of sleep and Greg was so supportive. I was lucky to see Madison awake for part of my visit (cause lets face one day old, they sleep A LOT). 

I can't wait to visit the family of three at their home soon!

Congratulations, Christina and Greg! Madison is perfect!