Newborn Photography Session - Burke, VA - Northern VA Newborn Photographer

Newborn Session

Burke, VA

A LONG over due blog post! This time of year gets a little crazy and I have tons of upcoming sessions just in time for the holidays. :-)

I arrived at Kate's house and was greeted by her mother. As Kate fed Aiden, her mom showed me around. I set up in the nursery and Aiden joined me shortly after. Kate's sister and mother-in-law were also there to watch this sweet boy have his picture taken.

Aiden was awake when the session started. We did some wrapping (this boy LOVES being swaddled) and shortly in to the wrapping, he drifted off to sleep. And once he was asleep, he was knocked out! 

After some swaddling, we did some naked baby poses. I'm a lover of the umbilical cord! There's something naturally beautiful about it. I captured Aiden's just in time before it fell off. He's such a handsome boy and is clearly admired by so many!